Lambros Sotiriou


"Climbing uphills in mountains enhances my desire for conception, the power of creation. This is the time for the mind to get clear, to proceed the effective thinking whether it is for taking the right decisions for life or for a matter of ART!

Welcome to my Fine Art Photography and my adventure stories!!



I grew up in the Greek mountains where the mother nature was my mentor. 
I love to combine my passion for nature's exploration with Visual arts. During my exploration and hiking outdoors, i discover special elements and creatures. I use my camera to capture those "nature's treasures" so I create my artworks by combining Graphic design with Digital painting. 
Behind all my work, there is an intense adventure story.... My story
This is the reason why i use different styles to create several concepts hoping to touch the soul and the people''s feelings!
In my art, elements of nature, various objects and everyday moments, are changing meanings and roles!
They become more conceptual, acquire body,  soul and get to touch our emotions!

Welcome to my fine art photography!

The story and the life

I studied Graphic Design and i graduated from the University of Nortumbria at New Castle in 2000.
The "Big Journey" began in 2002 where i founded the Oxygen Design Company, which i maintain until today.
As a Graphic Designer, i create corporate identity, packages and websites for great brands names from all over the world.
I have established two other business units, Pixelica Photography based in product photography and Altus Maps based in nature life and outdoor activities.
For more than 15 years i have been working as a instructor  of Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Photograpy at major Greek colleges.

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